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Women's Collegiate Basketball Officials Organization

Rich Fetter.

The team @RefereeRant are proud to align with a newly-formed IAABO Board 801, also known as Women’s Collegiate Basketball Officiating Organization. They are a national board that is, and will become the education authority in leading officials aspiring to get to the Women’s Collegiate level of Basketball. All week long, on #therant, we will feature some Women’s Collegiate Basketball Officials. More information on Board 801, coming soon, as their site is under construction.

As the Summer months waned, I got a chance to speak to, and get to know one Rich Fetter. In this pod, we discuss his early life playing sports, his stint in being around the Women’s Basketball Game at Seton Hall, and the combination of his hard work and being at the right place to ascend to the highest levels of officiating in college. All that and more, my conversation with Rich, now.


WCBOO provides training materials, curricular standards, and continuous instruction for women’s collegiate basketball officials and anyone interested in learning women’s collegiate rules.

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